Cristal Room By Anne-Sophie Pic


Cristal Room By Anne-Sophie Pic, a fusion of elegance, gastronomy, and crystal luxury, embodies the French joie de vivre - the art of celebrating life, at the convergence of creativity, beauty, boldness, joy and virtuosity.

The journey begins at the entrance, where a mesmerizing chandelier is engulfed in flames. Crafting a harmonious union between Baccarat's passion for excellence and the restaurant's artistic vision, the space embodies a fusion of elegance and innovation designed by the Paris-based architecture and interior design studio Gilles et Boissier behind Baccarat Hotel in New York. Take in the stunning vistas of the iconic Victoria Harbour and the tantalising hustle and bustle of the open kitchen while indulging in this culinary sanctuary.

Discover the extraordinary culinary universe of Anne-Sophie Pic who brings her unmatched exquisite sensibilities, perfect balance, and striking flavour combinations to the restaurant. Her innovative approach to traditional French cuisine creates a truly remarkable gastronomic experience that will nourish the heart, the body and the soul unlike any other.

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